System for Soul Memory

System for Soul Memory

“Susan Kerr has an innovative way of looking at the chakras. Her book has helped me release yet another layer of old blocked patterns. My inner child and soul rejoices.” Louise Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life and Empowering Women.

The Power to Enlighten Now

The Power to Enlighten Now

“This clear little book contains the essence of what the Masters have been sharing for centuries–but only those who are brave enough to face themselves in the mirror, and experience themselves fully, will discover the ‘prize’ we all have inside us.” David Hay, M.D., retired

Welcome message from Susan

I hope you find this website useful. I’ve been on the spiritual journey for most of my life and I’ve helped thousands of people find themselves by going within. This I feel is the greatest spiritual journey you can have.

Now more than ever, my books and teachings have become more relevant because the world is going through a difficult time. Great influx of spiritual energy is bombarding the planet creating chaos and change. The only way to navigate through this period is through self exploration. Only through changing yourself and healing your life can you make the transition to a better world for yourself, your children and others. This site is dedicated to such a purpose.


Book Signings

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See Susan's most recent lecture with Joe Nunziata: Your Subconscious Rules. More speaking events to be announced soon.


Classes are forming now, if you are interested, please contact Susan..
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